Shave on the Go with the Hammacher Schlemmer USB Travel Shaver

If you’re ever wondered why you can’t shave on the go, now you can, with the Hammacher Schlemmer USB travel shaver. This portable cordless shaver lets you charge it up via the USB port on your laptop or desktop computer. This is also a great option when traveling in foreign countries, when you only have one travel converter. Travel converters are expensive, so there’s no need to purchase a second one to get your cordless shaver charged up.


US company Hammacher Schlemmer is known for their catalog of unique electronic products. You can buy all sorts of cool gadgets from their website or print catalog, most designed to make your life easier, and definitely more fun.

According to ShaverGuru, this USB razor can be connected via USB to the port on your computer. It only costs £20, $29.95 USD, making it much more affordable than other cordless shavers. The USB plug pops up, so you don’t have to worry about getting any cords tangling up, as there aren’t any. For its reasonable price it even comes with a cleaning brush and a carrying case. The foil head pops off for easy cleaning. It also slips back on again quite easily, which can always be an issue early in the morning. You can also charge it up with a USB adapter, purchased separately.


It takes a bit longer to get charged up, at four hours of time for thirty minutes of use. If you can remember to keep it charged up, it should work well for you. If you keep it near the computer, it’ll be a reminder to plug it in.

This shaver is smaller than the average size of a smart phone. You can tuck it into your shirt pocket or pants pocket and go. Ladies can tuck it into a small pocketbook for those occasions when the legs may need to be smoothed down. It’s made with a black and silver tone case, and discreetly does look like a smart device. No one will know what it is if you forget to put it away. It measures at four inches/ten centimeters long and two inches/5 cm wide. It tucks easily into your hand for shaving. It weighs in at .22 lbs/100 grams.

The Travel Razor is foil style, not rotary, due to its compact size. It’s made for men, but I’m sure women could use it too. Be careful that if you do shave your face while at the computer, you may risk getting tiny hairs into your keyboard. You don’t want to get it clogged up and have the keys jam!

The USB Travel Shaver does provide a good shave for the price. It’s great for traveling and on the go. I’d probably not want to use it every day, as it does take four hours to charge up, for only a 30 minute shave. If you’re like me and take your time, your 30 minutes gets used up fast.

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